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“Robert’s gift for combining music and healing is inspirational. His vision, compassion and light shine through in his beautiful music.”

Dr Robert Holden,

leading psychologist and author

The power of music to heal the mind and body is indisputable.

People have been using music to make themselves feel better since the beginning of time. Listening to Robert’s music, whilst following guided visualisations or painting intuitively, is profoundly supportive, encouraging and inspirational.

We live in a stressful world. Music is one of the easiest treatments to implement if you feel like you’re “losing it.” Energising Your Life participants are invited to listen to the healing sounds of Robert’s music with every cell in their body. His music can have the same effect as a shiatsu or reiki healing, according to several practitioners.

Nearly 3 million people have listened to Robert’s track ‘By the Seashore’ from his first album, Painting the Ocean, with 1000‘s of appreciative responses from fans worldwide.

Feedback from 1000‘s of people of all ages has indicated the numerous benefits from listening to Robert’s unique healing music includes:

  1. overcoming difficulty with doing homework

  2. supporting women in their moment of childbirth

  3. helping people with sleep difficulties

  4. uplifting people in depression

  5. comforting people during times of grief

and even finding support and inspiration for writing bestselling books, as in the case of best-selling author, Dr Robert Holden.

In Robert Norton's copy of the book Happiness NOW, Robert Holden, Ph.D. wrote "I consider you as a great talent, inspiration and friend. Thank you so much. Your presence has helped make this book possible!"

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"One's very soul is in the tender hands of Robert Norton, soothed, enriched, cradled and loved by his unique dream-like music. Treat yourself!"

David Warren, Senior Director of Christies’, London